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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation though is a powerful tool, it is not the only way to solve legal issues. Sometimes a “win” at court comes at too high a cost: it can be expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and might result in damage to your relationships. Luckily, to dodge these stressful situations a range of alternatives dispute resolution exists, such as – Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, Mini-trials, Fact-finding and Dispute prevention.

These concerns about the expense and delay associated with traditional litigation in state judicial systems have led to an international movement to seek alternative forms of dispute resolution. We at PLC, have created an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice for our Commercial & Family disputes. The team headed by our Founder who is an accredited mediator includes senior lawyers, retired senior judges, as well as a distinguished group of experienced ADR practitioners, each with extensive experience in alternative adjudicative processes.

PLC’s approach includes working closely with clients to determine the best dispute resolution process to meet their needs – and our clients have increasingly found ADR as a favored choice in business disputes of all kinds, including those featuring complex financial issues. We keep an open mind as to how we can best – and most cost-effectively – secure our clients’ goals, advising them on the proper drafting of ADR provisions for both domestic and international transactions.


Our team of mediators are fully trained and accredited by leading mediation institutions. They are available to act as mediators in a broad range of commercial and corporate disputes, including shareholder disputes, intellectual property, property disputes, construction disputes, financial services, family, commodities and insurance. Aside from regularly representing clients in mediation, our attorneys have served as mediators themselves both in private mediations and as volunteer mediators in our local courts.

Commercial Contracts

We take a balanced, open-minded approach to risks and give you positive, carefully-considered suggestions to drive your business forward.

We help with a wide range of contracts, including:
  • Advertising, marketing and sponsorship
  • Outsourcing, freelance, vendor
  • E-commerce
  • Collaboration, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Agency and distribution
  • Terms of business
  • Privacy Policy, Cookie Policies, Legal Disclaimers etc

Corporate & Commercial

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to grow a larger business, you need corporate & commercial lawyers who can guide you effectively in navigating your way through the ever-changing business environment. Corporate and commercial transactions are at the operational core of most businesses and companies have long recognized outsourcing as a major strategic business decision. PLC's Corporate & Commercial team works closely with clients’ business and legal personnel to understand their objectives and operational risks, and to structure and negotiate their transactions accordingly. Our lawyers take a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving, and we excel at synthesizing business and legal issues at all levels of management.

PLC assists a mix of multinational and domestic companies, providing them full support right from entity structuring, growth phase support and expansion activities through cross-border investment and strategic alliances. Our general corporate practice focuses on advising clients on legal aspects of foreign direct investment (FDI) into India, outbound transactions, real estate, incorporation of subsidiaries, corporate governance, corporate secretarial assistance, exchange control and regulatory matters, technology transfers, licensing and outsourcing. Our clients seek our counsel on a wide range of commercial arrangements and contracts such as service agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements and other business contracts.

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law Team has extensive experience in representing clients in all types of Criminal Matters across the country and multiple jurisdictions with an efficient time-bound approach towards client expectations.

The team comprises of efficient qualified advocates in the field of Criminal and Quasi-criminal practices which includes Defamation, White Collar Crimes, Anti Money Laundering, Economic Offences, Income Tax prosecutions, Corporate Crimes, Company Law prosecutions, Black Money related offenses, Extradition, Offences relating to Benami Transactions, Insider Trading, Corporate Frauds, Market Manipulation, Cyber Crimes, Fraud, Breach of Trust, Data Theft, Bribery & Corruption and Core Criminal Trials.

We have successfully conducted criminal trials and prosecutions before all forums including Trial Courts and Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court of India. The team investigates every aspect of a case and offers ideal solutions to ensure a fair trial.

Banking and Finance

PLC’s banking team advises and assists in preparation/vetting of documentation relating to the facility agreements, loan agreements, portfolio sales of private and multinational banks, securities, mortgages, liens, corporate, commercial, and consumer loans, bonds, guarantees, SBLC (Standby Letter Of Credit) and financial derivatives. It also assists international banks with the incorporation and registration of branches in India.

The firm advises a multiplicity of clients; banks and financial institutions (Indian and foreign), multilateral financial institutions, export credit agencies, non- banking financial companies, concessionaires, foreign portfolio investors (investing under the corporate debt route), mutual funds, private equity funds, alternative investment funds and government bodies.

The firm’s experience and industry knowledge, combined with the diverse skills of our lawyers allow us to represent our clients before regulatory bodies and in formal legal proceedings on an entire range of complex issues in a broad spectrum of areas in a cost-effective, efficient and client-friendly manner.

Family Disputes

PLC’s Family Law team understands the difficulties families face during times of divorce or any domestic issues. The family law team utilizes their skill and experience to provide ethical legal counseling in matters ranging from divorce to struggles over child custody, alimony and separation of assets. The team is comprised of master mediators & negotiators along with effective litigators who efficiently and effectively provide solutions in the interest of our clients and their families.

PLC pride themselves in understanding the complex legal needs of their clients as they navigate divorce, child custody and other family law matters. We have experience litigating celebrity, high asset, complex divorce, and custody cases as well as alternatives to litigation including mediating and arbitrating cases collaboratively with both parties.

Real Estate and Construction

PLC’s Real Estate & Financial Transactions team has handled a wide variety of real estate and commercial lending matters, disputes, and litigation throughout the country. We provide counsel and representation to all players in the real estate and financing industry, including, sellers, purchasers, owners, developers, lenders, property managers, receivers, and tenants across a broad range of matters.

We undertake title verifications, structure transactions and prepare documentation on all aspects relating to conveyancing, mortgage, lease/license agreements and redevelopment of properties, and assist clients with stamp duty and registration of various instruments. On behalf of many international companies operating in India, we have prepared and negotiated lease agreements for large office spaces. We also advise on all aspects relating to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), Transfer of Property Act, Stamp and Registration laws, Land Revenue laws, and Tenancy laws in several states of India.

The team has developed a deep understanding of the real estate business and strives to provide our clients with sound legal and practical solutions. Our clients look to us to “get the deal done,” and we also engage in ADR (alternative dispute resolution) proactively to resolve issues and close transactions swiftly.

Entertainment and Media Law

Environment Law

PLC’s Environmental Law team has significant experience in virtually all areas of environmental law, including regulatory, transactional and litigation matters. Our lawyers regularly counsel clients on contentious and non-contention environmental law issues and also represent clients in settlement negotiations. The team offers legal advice to domestic and international clients pertaining to corporate/infrastructure/real estate transactions with respect to various recycling, hazardous waste management (by hospitals, clinics, manufacturing industries, etc.), water and air pollution, forest and timber regulations, handling of chemicals, etc.. to assists clients in obtaining necessary environmental law permits/approvals from both state and the central level authorities.

PLC’s legal team also has vast experience in handling environment-related cases with the National Green Tribunal, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.


Lawyers at PLC have vast experience in defending clients' interests in the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts, Commissions and Judicial & Quasi-Judicial authorities for matters relating to government contracts, tender laws, labour and service laws, land acquisition, Companies Act, arbitration and financial laws.

Our dispute resolutioners/lawyers are generalists who handle complex cases in a variety of fields and are not only at the cutting edge of legal knowledge and research skills but have equally mastered the art of advocacy. They assist in the formulation of comprehensive integrated dispute resolution mechanisms over a wide range of commercial sectors and industries. PLC represents its Indian and international clients regarding industrial relations and service law before India's various conciliation and tribunal authorities. Our portfolio of complex commercial litigation covers construction and engineering contracts, intellectual property rights, consumer protection and real estate.

PLC is proactively involved in taking up pro-bono cases related to Human Rights and Environmental issues.

Consumer Protection

At PLC, we make you understand the rights that have been afforded to you as a consumer and how you can enforce them for your own protection. Further, We build the right team for each client and each matter in order to provide the most efficient counsel possible and achieve the outcomes you want. PLC’s consumer protection strength lies in knowing how to use the legal tool to enforce clients rights as a consumer, when dealing with predatory businesses.


Starting a Business can be a complex process. The most important factors in any successful start-up are a dependable internal management structure, strong financial support and a well-processed business plan. However, Incorporating a business can be complicated and several different legal compliances have to be taken care of. We shall ensure smoothening this process and support your launch whether small or large scale.

The firm aims to revolutionize the approach taken by Startups where in our clients seek our services at every step without having to worry about exorbitant legal costs. At PLC, we constantly strive to identify people and ideas that we can nurture towards growth.

To keep it cost-effective and feasible for startups to engage in our services, we have plans in place to take care of all their legal needs, right from the incorporation of the company, it’s registration and recognition as a Start-up, mandatory compliances, helping them procure funding, drafting and vetting their contracts, filing their statutory compliances and making applications for IPR. Our clients are free to get in touch with us for any legal advice at any time without having to think twice about the same.

Merger and Acquisition

PLC aims to simplify the issues involved with transactions and make it our focus to help clients understand their investment risks, at every stage. Paying close attention to the client’s objectives and commercial drivers, we plan and structure transactions taking into account potential exit routes at the onset of any purchase. We believe our transparent and up-front approach can help to achieve the best outcomes right from the initial investment stage to the exit stage.

All aspects of mergers and acquisitions and general transactional work are covered by our team including inward investment, joint ventures and corporate re-organisations. We strive to maintain our focus on our clients’ overall commercial objectives in structuring and negotiating transactions. We operate at the highest standards of quality and responsiveness at all times, which underpins the value which we seek to add.

As counsel driving an M&A transaction, our team fully understands the unique challenges faced by the acquirer as it navigates a challenging terrain and is happy to proactively take on a broader role as business advisors to the transaction. PLC represents promoters, start-ups, domestic and international private equity & venture capital funds, etc., in a variety of investment transactions as well as structuring exits.

Fashion and Luxury

From startup to international Brands, companies in the fashion and luxury products industry are often confronted with numerous legal challenges that can affect products, business operations and profitability. In an industry as competitive as fashion, there is no substitute for experience, involvement, and commitment. At PLC, our lawyers know the importance of branding in fashion, recognizing the need to build a strong brand and to protect that brand from counterfeiting, brand dilution and infringement. We counsel our fashion, home, luxury products and accessories clients in developing an intellectual property strategy and obtaining trademark and copyright registrations, to establish their brand worldwide. When needed, we have successfully pursued counterfeiters and used litigation to enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights.

Our team knows that the effective representation of these clients requires expertise in areas of not only fashion law but also in intellectual property law, business law, real estate law, licensing, contract negotiation and litigation, specifically as they pertain to the fashion and luxury industry. As part of our full-service law firm, we have the experience to handle virtually every kind of legal matter, combined with a knowledge and understanding of the unique business issues faced by fashion industry companies in today’s global marketplace.

With a clientele of industry’s leading designers, design studious and apparel companies, we at PLC provide effective solutions across the luxury goods, fashion and beauty sectors - Strategizing and protections of Intellectual Property (including Designs); Complex licensing agreements; Distribution and franchising; Showroom and store leases; Supply chain agreements; Internet, e-commerce and social media policies (including but limited to E-commerce agreements); Manufacturing agreements; Modeling and celebrity endorsement agreements; Marketing and media agreements; Consulting agreements; Employment, outsourcing and freelancing agreements; Operating agreements and shareholders agreements.

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